VPN Usage

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Usage of VPNs

With ever-increasing cases of cyber-attacks, bullying, and government spying recent concerns around data privacy and security have become more worrying than ever before. Many online users have found good reasons to want to remain anonymous online as they fear for their privacies and freedoms. The fear-driving trend of governments and secret agencies who snoop into internet users’ online activities has given rise to the increasing use of VPNs.

Most internet users do not give a second thought to the digital trail of personal information and data that they potentially leave behind. However, to keep you and your cherished personal data safe on the internet, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) can aid to keep your privacy from being breached and violated.

What Is A VPN Exactly?

VPN, which stands for Virtual Private Network, is basically a secured network which allows users and companies to hide their online information from governments and other agencies who might sometimes seek to harness such information or keep users from accessing certain websites through a firewall. A VPN will virtually shield or mask your internet protocol, or IP  address, by creating a private, secure path or tunnel through the public internet space.

Features And Benefits of A VPN

A VPN  will hide your browsing history

A VPN can reduce the risks of identity theft

A VPN will mask your IP address and physical location.

A VPN allows you to remain in a private, secure space as you input your info and leave traces of your data online

Negative Features And Benefits

A VPN can be illegal in certain countries, so it is imperative to know your countries laws and regulations. They are legal in many countries as well, so be sure to check.

How Popular Are VPN’s?

VPN’s are so popular that reportedly 25% of internet surfers have used VPN’s to secure their precious online data in the last 30 days. As more and more people become aware of its usefulness, the usage of VPN’s will continue to be adopted worldwide in the future.

VPN Usage Frequency

According to recent studies, 51% of internet users report having had their online accounts compromised in one way or another in their lifetime.

What Are The Top 10 Markets?

The Top 10 markets that use VPN according to country population are:

  1. Indonesia – 38%
  2. India – 38%
  3. Turkey – 32%
  4. China – 31%
  5. Malaysia – 29%
  6. Saudi Arabia – 29%
  7. Brazil – 26%
  8. Vietnam – 25%
  9. UAE – 25%
  10. Philippines – 25%

Top Motivations For VPN Usage

The Top Motivations For VPN usage around the world are:

  • Access better entertainment content
  • Access social networks or news services
  • Keep anonymity while browsing
  • Access sites files or services at work
  • Access restricted torrent sites
  • Communicate with friends and family abroad
  • Hide web browsing history from the government
  • Access a torrent browser

The staggering increase in VPN usage worldwide is attributed to many factors. First, is the desire to access better entertainment. Half of all internet users who use VPN say accessing entertainment is the strongest motivator and driving force for their VPN usage. This is especially true for creative content which is usually not available in their country.

Another motivator is the need to access social networks, news services, and websites that may have been blocked or banned in their home country.

Motivations By Region

Europe =                       38% for accessing better content

                                      37% for keeping anonymity while browsing online

Asia Pacific =                55% for accessing better content

                                      29% for keeping anonymity while browsing online

Middle East & Africa =  43% for accessing better content

                                      36% for keeping anonymity while browsing online

Latin America =             47% for accessing better content

                                      32% for keeping anonymity while browsing online

North America =            29% for accessing better content

                                      37% for keeping anonymity while browsing online

VPN Users Arent Pirates

VPN users are not pirates because 77% of them are buying digital content each month. VPN users are big consumers of online tv and streaming services. They are actually 40% more likely to be watching subscription services each week.

Profiling VPN Users

After profiling these VPN users, it was discovered that 62% of them were male and 38% were female. Nearly 70% of VPN users around the world are between the ages of 18-34. In regards to the users’ Income, 23% were in the bottom ¼ of income level with the majority in the middle case of society at 45% and the remaining 24% in the top 25% of earners. Also, 8% of people who were surveyed prefer not to say their income level.

Which Countries Do Not Allow VPN’s?

VPN’s are a controversial subject these days. China, North Korea, Russia, Iraq, Turkey, and a few more countries have decided to outlaw VPN’s for various reasons. The reasons mainly have to do with the perception of preservation of culture


In conclusion, most countries have a simple motivation to have access to better entertainment content. Almost as if there’s a party next door that is booming, and you weren’t invited. VPN users from more restrictive countries can not resist the temptation if the opportunity exists to be able to see what all the fuss is about. The countries that have access and freedom to the internet are mainly using a VPN to protect their privacy with governments that seem to be allowing less and less of it as they seek to control their people to varying and sometimes detrimental proportions.