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This is a fantastically robust service, and one that has built its name on sound service, privacy and affordable pricing.

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Typically, this is a very friendly tool for those who want to tap into a VPN for a bit of added privacy. ExpressVPN is very clear about the fact that it does not take any chances with your privacy.

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CyberGhost VPN is a strong, all-round VPN service that is specifically aimed at those looking to stream content from abroad – Netflix from other countries and other streaming sites.

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Surfshark offer an excellent 1040+ servers (constantly increasing) and one of their main selling points is that their pricing starts at just €1.79/month.

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IPVanish are a very well known name, featured on many leading news publications who recommend their services. They currently offer 1300 servers in 75 locations with pricing starting at $3.25/month.

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PureVPN offer an impressive 2000+ servers in 140 countries and with pricing from $2.88/month they offer great value for money.

Can I use a VPN for streaming in Ireland?

As many Irish internet users will know, slow and buffering internet can kill a night of Netflix. If you are one of the many Netflix users in Ireland, you might have grown sick and tired of this problem. If you feel this way, then you should definitely look to find an alternative. Sure, you could look to change internet provider – but why not look to get a Virtual Private Network (VPN) instead?

With so many options for a good quality VPN in Ireland, though, you might not be sure where to start. You will need to look around quite considerably to try and find a good VPN that you can trust and feel confident investing in. If that sounds harder than it has to be, then we have some ideas that you can investigate below. Each of these useful VPNs in Ireland will be accessible for you to use if you wish to start streaming on a more regular basis.

Why would I use a VPN for Netflix access in Ireland?

Well, for one, you might be getting really poor internet connection speeds. In some parts of Ireland, a VPN can provide you with a cleaner, faster connection. This can help to improve your Netflix performance overall, which is obviously very helpful. However, the main reason you might wish to use a VPN for Netflix in Ireland is simple: you are paying more for less!

You pay the same monthly fee as someone in the United Kingdom or the United States. In exchange, though, you often get a much smaller library selection – particularly in some other genres. Therefore, if you want to get more bang for your buck, you can use any of the following VPNs in Ireland for greater access.


Our go-to VPN for many reasons, NordVPN is the recommended choice that you should look at. It’s got easy ways for you to get around the US and UK geoblocks on Netflix. They also provide some of the most reliable speeds on the market and should give you a much greater level of security standard.

If you care about performance and privacy, then NordVPN is probably the best VPN in Ireland: affordable priced and perfect for all your Netflix needs.

Express VPN

Probably one of the best VPNs in Ireland anyway, Express VPN is one of our most recommended choices. It’s easy to use and provides one of the most reliable VPNs for accessing US and UK Netflix shows. It’s got a great streaming standard and makes it the go-to choice for many users.

It’s great for those who are new to using VPNs, as the modern interface and impressive layout makes it great for you to use for this purpose.


As the name implies, SaferVPN is one of the best Irish VPN options for US and UK Netflix access. It also works for other streaming tools, not just Netflix. So, if you are geo-blocked with any other service that you are paying for, you might find that this can help you to solve that same problem. A great choice to consider.

However, it does lack some of the more advanced options of the above two. Keep that in mind.


Strong and secure, PrivateVPN offers the privacy quality of NordVPN but perhaps not the same speed standards. A great choice for numerous reasons, not least the fact that PrivateVPN is great for unblocking just about all the Netflix libraries – even some outside of the US and UK. In terms of privacy detail, it’s the equal of the top two and probably only falls down due to the lack of server pace and general speed on a day-to-day basis.

What VPN is right for me?

There is no right or wrong answer here. What is right, though, is that all of the above VPNs offer Irish viewers access to more of Netflix. If you would like to get more bang for your buck, then you should probably consider giving it a try.

With many VPNs not providing access to Netflix, then, it’s well worth considering the four above options. If you use a VPN that does not offer Netflix support, or streaming support, consider trying the above options.

VPN for Streaming Netflix? Avoid These Non-Compliant VPNs

When you are using a streaming service, such as Netflix, you might have problems with buffering or with selection. It might be annoying for you to get around such issues, or nigh-impossible. If that is the case, then you probably have considered using a Virtual Private Network. A VPN is a great way to help improve steaming standards, or to give you access to Netflix in other countries. However, some of the most popular VPNs in Ireland don’t actually give you access to streaming on Netflix.

Want to save yourself time? Then you should look to avoid these following VPN systems. Though they are often of excellent standard in their own way, at the time of writing at least they don’t offer your Netflix access.

Private Tunnel

A very popular VPN service that a lot of people tend to use is that of Private Tunnel. This won’t work for nervous Netflix servers, including their US (New York and Chicago) servers alongside their Canadian and UK (London) servers. Keep that in mind, as it is not likely to be corrected at this present moment in time. It’s a bit of a limitation, but one that we will unfortunately need to grin and bear.

Kaspersky and Avast

A lot of people tend to use the two VPN offers by popular industry names Kaspersky and Avast, respectively. Though they are not the most popular in Ireland, they are commonly used by some people. If you use any of these platforms, though, you will struggle to get the help that you need with either platform.

These are popular VPNs as a lot of people use Kaspersky and Avast anti-virus software. Sadly, these solutions from both parties will make it hard to get access to most of the US and UK Netflix options, as well as Netflix in Canada.


Though it’s a well-respected part of the VPN network, TunnelBear is not good for using with Netflix. Those who get access to the US, UK or Canadian Netflix channels will not be able to do so if they are using TunnelBear.  VPN

Since they are based in Ontario, Canada, this is a limitation that might not be overcome for some time.

Is this likely to change?

At the moment, none of the four above VPNs are likely at any stage to change their stance on this. Netflix has gone to war in many ways with a lot of VPNs since 2016 and show little sign of slowing down that assault. This is not likely to be lessened anytime soon. That being said, if you are using any of the above VPNs, then you will need to find an alternative.

Unlike these VPNs, some VPNs in Ireland do provide Netflix. Therefore, if this is your sole reason for using a VPN, you will find some good options to pick from instead. Take a look around at some of the best VPNs in Ireland who allow Netflix access.